Just back from Marbella film Festival and “Positively False” was nominated for ‘best documentary’. We were among three finalists.

There was a great deal of interest in the film’s challenge to the virus/AIDS hypothesis and its reflection of scientists’ views over the past 25 years who say HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

Some delegates were aghast that they had never heard these arguments before and asked what we could be done to publicise the situation further. It was interesting that, whereas in the past airing this subject has brought on hostility and disdain, these days people are intrigued and ask lots more questions. There is still so much to be done.

Sadly Andi Reiss, co-producer and director of “Positively False” couldn’t be there as he is on an assignment in the Philippines, but he was of course mentioned in dispatches.

Boyd Skinner, who did the contemporary camera work for “Positively False” and digistised and graded 60 hours of the Meditel archive for the film was the Marbella Film Festival’s technical director. The festival director known as ‘Mac’ worked extremely hard on behalf of the film makers and was supportive and encouraging about our film.

Talk Radio Europe presenter Allan Bowley did a live outside broadcast from the festival and you can find the interview he did with me about “Positively False” at the link below.

The first interview of the hour (runs about 10 minutes) with the producer of the feature film “Dorfman” that won ‘best feature’ and then my interview follows.

The interview can be heard here on YouTube